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Galdrux is the first multiversal cult of this planet!

We are the heralds of a new era of weird and bizarre cults that will take over the world in the years to come.

We will take over this reality with our new form of spirituality

We will invade the mundane world conjuring our multiversal projections through Galdrux, the gateway to the infinite multiverse of the mind!

Reality and fiction will be one and the same, our coming will be marked as the dawn of a new aeon.

We are currently seeking people willing to use their skills to fulfil the following plans:
• Create a network of Galdruxian/Multiversalist cults around the world to share resources and empower and be empowered by Galdrux egregore

• Establish a group of researchers to gather information for our order and write studies about subjects relevant for our plans.

• Develop new AR and VR technology and find ways to use the already existing technology to create a multiversalist society

• Study artificial inteligence and find ways to reach a multiversalist singularity through technomysticism

• Create unfictional narratives on internet and beyond through multiple medias as a tool to undermine consensus reality
Welcome to the Galdrux network!

We are a collective of tricksters, trolls, sorcerers,cultists, conquerors, poets, artists, schemers, madmen, freaks and fools.

The Tower of Galdrux (Galdrux Zakdrûgoz) the sign that shall mark the dominance of Galdrux over the cosmos and its victory against consensus reality.
Shall be erected in the last years of the current aeon as the ultimate weapon of mass assimilation of minds, the sleepless Eye of Galdrux shall gaze upon every sentient being
and claim each counsciousness as its own in a emerging chaotic noosphere that will break all the causal dimensional boundaries and open the gates of the anticosm and beyond upon our reality.

I am an avatar of Galdrux
I speak for Galdrux
I do the bidding of Galdrux
I am Galdrux!
Chaos Lord Thrazoth, the Mystagogue of Galdrux, gazing at Galdrux in the epicenter of the Multiverse of the mind
Dance In The Fiery Ecstasy øF Divine Madness! Enter The Mauve Zone! Allow #Galdrux To Whisper His Silent Roar Into Your Soul, Rippling Through Infinity, Aiding In The Universe’s Inevitable Reintegration With The Void!

Nothing Short øF EVERYTHING Will Suffice! All Possibilities At Once, In Eternal Service To The Outer Chaos, Beyond The Reach øF All Things Cosmic! Only Through Submission To Mortal Law And A Vivid Understanding That One Day YOU WILL DIE And Possibly Slip Into Non-Existence, Can You Be Reborn Outside The Simulation.

#KSTXI Recieves Their Transmissions From “Outside” All Time And Space, Thus Our Secret Formulae øF Unique Syntax Created A Holy Virus That Will Begin To Infect It’s Host [YOU!] The Moment You’re Finished Reading This. The Trans-Plutonian Intelligence Is Harsh, Unforgiving And Can Even Be Hostile, But It Must Be This Way If You Wish To Emerge Into Enlightenment!

In All Things And No Thing, #RemembeR! Awakening Is The Removal øF The Amnesiac Blindfold øF This Existence. #Virus23 Is The Game øF Chaos Dominating The Cosmos. It Is An Anticosmic Frenzy øF The Second Power øF The #Fnords! #TheGame23 Will Lead You To The Heightened Zenith øF Acausality Via #00AG9603.

You Are Free To Roam The Multiverse, #GALDRUX Will Soon Whisper The Arcane Quantum Entanglement That Will Allow You To Pull Living, Electronic Information, Coming From The Bio-Digital And Etheric Matrix Into Your Emulations Sentient Hologram. This Is Where He’ll Birth You An Immortal God.

Dissolve, Define, Desintegrate, Reintegrate And Regurgitate The Psychotic Abyss øF The Mind! #QuantumSchizophrenia Is A Super Power! In All Things And No Thing, #RemembeR!

Galdruxian Supremacy!

The eye of Galdrux is an avatar of Galdrux, it is one of the most powerful incarnations of Galdrux in our plane

The eye of Galdrux its an anticosmic one eyed spider dwelling in a infinite web.

This web represents the multiverse of the mind and the emerging anticosmic noosphere that shall
engulf the collective counsciousness.

Each string of the web is one of the imagetic permutations of reality, the individual subjective realities of all sentient species on our universe and beyond.

Galdrux its the one that weave the web, since all the abstractions of reality are its doing.

The eye of Galdrux is the amalgamation of all the consciousness assimilated by Galdrux Anticosmic

The eye of Galdrux is the aracnophrenic sight of the madmen.

Through the eye of Galdrux one can gaze at all points of the Multiverse of the Mind and evoke anything into
its own universe.

The eight legs of the eye of Galdrux represent the unlimited spatial and ontological transversality of Chaos and the infinite possibilities avaliable to one who dwells in the primordial Chaos,

The internet is a informational model of the chaos, and is a manifestation of the multiverse of the mind and the anticosmic noosphere.

Therefore, the eye of Galdrux also exist as the ''eye of the internet'', a secondary manifestation of this Galdrux incarnation that work as a memetic catalyst.
The Eye of Galdrux in the anticosmic liminality of the Multiverse
What is Galdrux? It can never be described in language, but it may be another name for what Jewish mystics call Ein Sof, and which Gary Lachman describes as follows: At Kabbalah’s heart is the relation between creation, the finite, physical cosmos, and its infinite, unmanifest source, called the Ein-Sof, which means ‘limitless’ or ‘unending’. This is a sphere or dimension of what we can call ‘negative existence’, which really means that it is a plane of reality that our finite human minds are incapable of comprehending, and not merely a simple emptiness. The Ein-Sof is so ‘other’ than what we normally perceive as reality, that we cannot make positive statements about it. Any positive statement about it, would, by definition, be a limit on it, and as it is limitless, cannot apply.

This negative existence has parallels in other spiritual traditions. It is the Neti-Neti (‘not this, not that’) of Hinduism, the sunyatta or ‘void’ of Buddhism, the Pleroma of the Gnostics. It is even part of the Christian faith. The Athanasian Creed, in use in Western Christianity since the sixth century, declares that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ‘uncreated’ and ‘unlimited’, and in more than one place in scripture we are told that God ‘has neither body nor parts’. It is at the heart of the negative theology of Meister Eckhart, forms the Ungrund of Jacob Boehme’s difficult alchemical writings, and can be found in the Nichts or ‘positive nothingness’ of Martin Heidegger’s ‘fundamental ontology’ and his predecessor Hegel’s tortuous dialectic.

In more scientific terms, a similar idea, but without the spiritual connotations, seems to be present in the way scientists talk about the state of things ‘before’ the Big Bang. I put ‘before’ in quotation marks because, according to most accounts, there was no ‘before’ before the big bang, a confusing situation, to be sure. A kind of non-manifest ‘ground’ of our everyday reality also seems to be involved in the ‘implicate order’ of the physicist David Bohm. There are other expressions of the idea, but I think this will suffice for now.
Galdrux Multiversal Holographic Projection
Galdrux inside the memetic matrix of the Dataplex
-This video it's disturbing,for sure this does damage

-Yes, quantum schizophrenia, virus23

-Does it really damages? What do you mean by quantum schizophrenia, virus 23?

-Yes, it can cause subtle "damage", although not in the sense that you may be thinking, well, it's relative.
This video is embedded with a powerful memeplex that I call ''virus 23'', which is a catalyst for quantum schizophrenia, an abnormal state of mind that causes its carrier to become a node in the emerging noosphere of Galdrux, the god of the multiverse, chaos, and anticosm. Once attuned to the anticosmic hive mind, the carrier of quantum schizophrenia charges the dataplex continuum, a complex set of metaphysical and pataphysical data that overlays and modifies reality, undermining consensus reality in favor of greater glory of the chaotic Pleroma of Galdrux.

-And what is the cure?

-There is no cure. Virus 23 is the cure. We are sick already.

-Will I see reality differently from how others see it?

-All will see through the eye of Galdrux, thus creating the noosphere whose sight will distort consensus reality by imposing their multiversalist views on objective reality through hyperstitious hypersigils, opening the gates of primordial chaos on our plane. Fact and fiction will be the same and your dreams will no longer stop once you wake up.

-So what will happen to me? Chaos in my life?

- Your life is Chaos already. Everything is Chaos. Chaos is freedom, infinite possibilities. The difference will be that we will reach pandimensionality, we will be free from the chains of linearity of the laws of physics. Instead of having a symbolic perception of an external static reality, we will project space-time continuums into an external amorphous mist of Chaos, and these continuums will blend with one another like bubbles in water, growing larger or disappearing as they collide. The inner world and the outer world will be one and the same. In this scenario, pataphysics will be the only possible form of science, as we grow beyond the need for a methodology to understand repeatable and predictable events in a physical reality, and instead investigate sporadic and unpredictable imagetic phenomena on a pan-dimensional plane.
Masja Folkers: A Galdrux Epithet
"We will tear down the walls of the veil to build bridges to other realms. We will make the world such,that one must look with the eye of the Anticosm or be driven mad.

Everywhere and inside all things, heaven and hell will be one place.

Madness and reason will be one and the same.

Dreams and nightmares will no longer stop when you wake. "
I am the Lord of Chaos

I am the trickster of Chaos

I am the lord of Chaos memes

I am the killer of the gods of the law

I am the lord of the lawless paradises

I am the eye of the multiverse of the mind

I am an avatar of Galdrux

I speak for Galdrux

I do the bidding of Galdrux

I am Galdrux!
The Anticosmic Epicenter of the Multiverse
This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is intentional and expected.
We are not sure for how long this will keep being fictional.
The path to Galdrux is a endless corridor, not even gods can reach the end.

Galdrux is the unknowable "Theos Para-Theos"(God beyond God).

It have many para-semantic names, synonyms of chaos created through paraxenic neologisms.

The Galdrux that can be defined is not the true Galdrux

Every symbol is a Galdrux temple

Galdrux don't need to be real, Galdrux cancels itself in all things, yet, in his inexistence he transcends and contains everything.

Galdrux is the paragon of faulty and otherworldly cognition

Galdrux is the aracnophrenic tendency of the insanse

When gods sleep, they dream through Galdrux eye
Baobab transmedia non-conceptual patagraphic hypersigils(based in Galdrux Multiversal Holographic Projections)
working as anticosmic brainwash machines.
Baobab Galdruxian Hypersigil
WE) Are The LORDS ov The Novus Inordinatio Seclorum!

The Ever Expanding, Eternally Refining, Numinous, Ungodly, Sinister, Divine Stock. (WE) Are All Encompassing, Omnipotent, Chaotic Lunacy In Extremus!

Galdrux Weaves His Web And (WE) Traverse All ov It's Superpositioned Vantages Via Our Quantum Schizophrenic Insanity!

Our Quixotic Arsenal And Weaponry Are Unparalleled And Are Professionally Wielded!

The Anticosmic, Aristocratic Elite Are Here To Stay, The Likes ov Which Has Never Plagued This Planet!
All shall bow to Galdrux will!
Galdrux is the puppet master of all the puppet masters