Nothing Short øF EVERYTHING Will Suffice! We Want All Possibilities At Once!
Be Immortal Gods Free to Roam The Multiverse and Dissolve, Define, Desintegrate, Reintegrate And Regurgitate All Things!
Hedonist Hyper Dimensional Beasts, Dwelling in the Middle of the Multiverse, Laughing and Eating Galaxies.
Dance In The Fiery Ecstasy øF Divine Madness! Rejoice at Quantum Schizophrenia,
Flare Universes Through STHLLL'AHK
And Explore the Psychotic Abyss øF The Mind Using the IIMME
Galdrux is the first multiversal cult of this planet!

We are the heralds of a new era of weird and bizarre cults that will take over the world in the years to come.

We will take over this reality with our new form of spirituality

We will invade the mundane world conjuring our multiversal projections through Galdrux, the gateway to the infinite multiverse of the mind!

Reality and fiction will be one and the same, our coming will be marked as the dawn of a new aeon.

We are currently seeking people willing to use their skills to fulfil the following plans:
• Create a network of Galdruxian/Multiversalist cults around the world to share resources and empower and be empowered by Galdrux egregore
• Establish a group of researchers to gather information for our order and write studies about subjects relevant for our plans.
• Develop new AR and VR technology and find ways to use the already existing technology to create a multiversalist society
• Study artificial inteligence and find ways to reach a multiversalist singularity through technomysticism
• Create unfictional narratives on internet and beyond through multiple medias as a tool to undermine consensus reality
I am an avatar of Galdrux
I speak for Galdrux
I do the bidding of Galdrux
I am Galdrux!
Welcome to the Galdrux network!

We are a collective of tricksters, trolls, sorcerers,cultists, conquerors, poets, artists, schemers, madmen, freaks and fools.