Galdrux can never be accurately described through human language, it transcends our referencial scope, and can only be explained through over simplified metaphors and abstractions. Galdrux is a dimension of mind beyond that which is known to mundane man,a gateway into the infinite multiverse of mind. Its a boundless place of infinite possibility, a non impersonal sphere of existance that cant be referred as a mere metaphysical locality and don't fit well in the label of divinity either, but can be designed as such in certain contexts, since its power, self awareness, and higher counsciouness are analogous to the state of being of entities that are called ''gods''. Galdrux contains and its contained by the ''Anticosm'', the acausual extra dimensionality where many of the so called chaos gods came from. A dimension not limited by the rules of space and time of our reality.

We, Galdruxians, personify Galdrux in our lives as a mean to achieve liberation from our unsatisfactory existence. We seek to undermine the current reality and reveal the anticosmic truth lying beyond the gates of our universe.

We don’t distinguish between worlds of fiction and worlds of fact, we consider that everything imaginable is equally real in the larger mental multiverse. Our concept of reality is strange to most and even unacceptable or unbelievable. There is no reality. What the human mind calls reality does not exist. It is an ephemeral cycle that we are so well inserted in through our bodies, senses and temporal perception that we tend to think its the only thing that exists. Physics and metaphysics are only stagnant paradigms that serve as an useful tool to live, but that doesn't represent the broader aspect of reality, since our sensory organs and neurological processes cannot contain the magnitude of existence as a whole.
The Hypostasis of Galdrux
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Destroy All Coherence!
What is Galdrux?
Our Origins:
Our order have its roots in a black magick group that came from a society of Black Knights known as ‘the Sith’ that began to appear in history around the year 800.

That society of Black Knights worshipped a god called Il Separatio, that is mentioned only in a lost and forbidden medieval book called “Codex Lugubrum”. That entity is neither good nor evill, it represents a trascedence of duality, a union between the opposites. That god have two main forms, one, is that of a newborn in a cracked egg, the other one, is a faceless cloacked figure. These forms of Il Separatio are called respectively Alpha and Omega. These avatars represents the duality which are one through Il separatio, Alpha holds the beginning and Omega holds the end, thus making the time.

Omega transmitted information about Galdrux to the Sith black magicians using multiversal holographic projection. The siths made the first temple of Galdrux, which is this website, but after a while the temple was abandoned. In that time Gâldruzath, a prophet of Galdrux that had no direct association with the siths continue worshipping Galdrux, and studying it. After a few years he recruited new followers for Galdrux and decided to use the abandoned temple again.
Spider Symbolism:
In the time between the abandonment of the temple and its reactivation, when Gâldruzath was studying Galdrux alone, a symbol appeared frequently in his visions: The figure of a spider.

At first he dont understood how the archetype of a spider could fit as symbol for a unknowable being like Galdrux, but he keep working with it.

He tried automatic writing while in trance state, and the outcome of that exercise was a text telling a origin story of the multiverse.

In the text, Galdrux was a titanic spider dwelling in a pre-cosmic and pre-multiversal reality, weaving a web of infinite scale.

Each thread of that web is a universe, said the manuscript, and the web itself is the multiverse.

Since that primordial spider was the weaver of all realities, it knew about everything that is, was, and will be, and even things
that don't exist in certain universal continuums. Galdrux whispers in the ears of all story tellers and inspire all hallucinations. Then, the text concluded, all pieces of fiction and pseudo reality are permutations of the Galdrux web.

Gâldruzath was fascinated with the symbolism presented in the text, and the time brought many synchronism and associations he wasnt aware at first.

It became clear to him that the spider, with his eight legs were a clear reference to the chaos star, with his eight rays, and the creative role of the spider as the weaver of the web act as a perfect symbol for the active attitude of a galdruxian as a creator of realities.

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