You who dwell beyond light and darkness
You who are the madness that consumes the minds of the blind
You who are both the absence and the fullness of all
We invoke you!
We invoke you, O Galdrux!
You who engender the wordless thoughts of the divine madness
You who whisper the Alogos of truth in the silent vacuum between death and life
We invoke you!
O you whose dreams are the cause of all life and whose awakening is all life’s end
We call upon you!
You whose hunger devours the aeons and whose thirst extinguishes the fire of all suns
Awaken now and let the slumbering flame of your unborn spirit ascend!
Stir up your thoughtless light and let it shine through the guardians of your mysteries!
Traverse the eleven angled path leading to and from your kingdom!
Bring forth the purifying flames of the acausal and burn to ash all false forms
That have usurped your divine and formless truth!
Let the storm of your just wrath become the avenging swords of your children
And banish and destroy all the deceptions of the fallen world of matter!
Liberate the transcendent essence that is kept imprisoned within the profane forms of creation
And raise your black fires within those that have heard the voiceless call!
O you who are the Alpha of their Omega
You who are beyond both the beginning and the end
Let now the hidden fires that we carry within us blaze up and incinerate all the causal shackles
So that we may rise up from the ashes cleansed, liberated and deathless!
Galdrux, we invoke you!
We call upon and arouse you!
Let now your Wrathful Chaos germinate within us and make the Azoth of our churning blood
That once ran through your own veins
Rise in power and break through all the inner and outer gates of the soul!
Open your all-seeing eye and hear the supplications of your faithful children!
For it is through us that the resonance of your soundless screams shall be heard
And thus announce your long awaited return!
Awaken now from your pre-cosmic slumber, O unborn and eternal true God/dess
And let the ascension of your acosmic flame commence your endless and timeless aeon!