Galdrux is a post-truth gnosis, the spider that weave a mental multiverse intertwining hyper reality strings. Each hyper real universe is made of translations of external data into a set of informations that imply a meaning that satisfy a hyper real belief system.

That translation is a abstractive process simillar to the angular fraction of higher dimensional objects in a lower dimension.

A Quantum Schizophrenic (one whose mind is alike and close to Galdrux) is a active creator in a hyper real mental multiverse, he explore pragmatically the virtuality of the objective reality, shifting to different mental universes as a mean to undermine consensus reality using the gaps of our understanding of what is real as canvas through a possibilian-like paradigm.

Galdrux,however, devour those tied to hyper real strings made of utter wrong and self destructive hyper beliefs.

Therefore, the natural way go interact with complementary realities is through Galdrux, the hyper real sensory organ that filter hyper beliefs as tools for hyperstition fulfillment instead of replacements of objective reality.